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The Daily Show With Trevor Noah         

Series Editor – Comedy Central

  • 2023 Emmy Nomination - Outstanding Editing

  • 2022 Emmy Nomination - Outstanding Editing

  • 2020 Emmy Nomination - Outstanding Editing

The 5th Man (feature documentary)    

Editor/GFX Artist - Atlantic Pictures

  • 2021 Boston Film Festival

  • 2021 Rhode Island International Film Festival - Winner, Directors Choice Award

  • 2021 Stony Brook Film Festival - Winner, Special Achievement in Directing

  • 2021 Portland Film Festival

  • 2022 American Documentary and Animation Festival


Lost in the Sun (feature film)                   


  • Starring Josh Duhamel, theaters Nov. 2016

14 Minutes to Earth (feature documentary) 

Editor/GFX Artist – Atomic Entertainment
   -      2016 Tribeca Film Festival

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris        

Finishing Editor / GFX Artist - NBC

Derek Jeter - Budweiser Commercial       

Editor - Vayner Media

Rolling Stone Reports 

Editor/GFX Artist – Showtime

Generation Hustle (show open)            

GFX Artist - HBO Max

My Brother My Brother and Me (series)        

Editor – Seeso

Adam Driver - Budweiser Commercial        

Editor - Vayner Media

KKK: Beneath the Hood      

Lead Editor/2nd Unit Director – The Discovery Channel

Secrets of Secret Societies    

Lead Editor – The Discovery Channel

The Sopranos (promos)                 

Editor/GFX Artist – HBO, Nitrous Ltd

Frontline – The Fantasy Sports Gamble        

GFX Artist/Editor – PBS

Hip Hop: The Songs That Shook America        

Editor - AMC

Killing Fields                     

Editor – The Discovery Channel

Inside the American Mob             

Editor – National Geographic

Death Row Stories                

Editor – CNN

The Bible Rules                     

Editor/GFX Artist – History Channel

Beat Bobby Flay                    

Editor/GFX Artist – The Food Network

Scoring the Deal                

Lead Editor/GFX Artist – HGTV

Search for the Lost Giants            

Editor/GFX Artist – History Channel

When I was 17                    

Lead Editor – MTV

What Not to Wear                

Editor – TLC

Beachfront Bargain Hunt            

Editor – HGTV

Thanksgiving with Bobby Flay            

Editor – The Food Network

Chasing Maria Menounos            

Editor – Oxygen

Sandwich King                    

Editor – The Food Network

Kelsey’s Essentials                

Editor/GFX Artist – The Cooking Channel

House of Fab                    

Editor – Style Network

Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane              

Editor – Style Network

MTV’s Hired                    

Lead Editor/GFX Artist – MTV

Made on Staten Island                 

Editor - MTV

More 2 America                    

Special Effects/GFX Artist – The History Channel


Editor – TLC

Wicked Single                    

Editor/GFX Artist – VH1

Born to Style                    

Editor/GFX Artist – FYI Network

Top 10 Places to Dine Before You Die         

Editor – The Food Network


Editor – The Food Network

My Life as Liz                      

Editor – MTV

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Tell All        

Editor – Bravo

Fashion Queens                    

Editor – Bravo

Don’t Be Tardy                    

Editor – Bravo

Michael Jackson's Human Nature         

Lead Editor/GFX Artist – MTV

Watch What Happens                

Editor/GFX Artist – Bravo

Bank of Mom and Dad                

Editor/GFX Artist - BBC America

Two-A-Days: 3 Years Later            

Editor - MTV

ESPN/ABC Sports: 2006 Year in Review          

Editor/Special FX Artist - ESPN

Cold River Cash - pilot                

Editor – Animal Planet

Dirty Town - pilot                

Editor/GFX Artist – A&E

Angry Nation – pilot                

Editor/GFX Artist – Spike

The Family – pilot                

Editor – VH1

Confidant - pilot                    

Editor/Colorist – MTV

Winter Family Adventures              

Editor/GFX Artist - The Fine Living Network

All-Star Thanksgiving                  

Editor - The Food Network

Ghost Vote – branded content            

Editor/GFX Artist

  • Grey (Cannes Lion 2016)


Ally – branded content                


  • Grey (Cannes Lion 2016)


Macys – commercial                  

Editor/GFX Artist - JWT

Schick Skintimate – commercials            

Editor/GFX Artist - JWT

Pepsi – commercial                

Editor/GFX Artist - JWT

Pepsi “Refresh” – web videos            

Editor/GFX Artist - JWT

Zyrtec - commercials                

Editor – JWT

Kodak “Brightside Tour" - commercials         

Editor/GFX Artist - Kodak

Small Town Security – promos            

Editor/GFX Artist - AMC

Tribeca Film Festival - promo             

Editor/GFX Artist

Alex Elman Wines – commercials            

Editor/GFX Artist

Blind Taste – web series                

Editor/GFX Artist

UFC Fight Night – promos             

Editor/GFX Artist - Spike TV

NYF (International Advertising Awards)        

GFX Artist

LifeBulb - Reach Campaign - commercials    

Editor/GFX Artist - Lifebulb

The Power of Perfume - feature documentary    

Editor/GFX Artist

Cookies for Kids Cancer - documentary        

Editor – Left Right

Haenyo - documentary                

Producer/Editor/GFX Artist

Massari One Year - documentary            

Editor - Capital Prophets Records

The Red Robin - feature film trailer        

GFX Artist - dir. Michael Wechsler

Paul: Three Nights in June - documentary        


US Dept. of Commerce (N4A Videos )        

Editor/GFX Artist

Johnson & Johnson (Effie Award Videos)        

Editor/GFX Artist – JWT

Lehman Brothers                

Editor/GFX Artist

Nestle (Product Launch Videos)            

GFX Artist – JWT

The Kremlin                

Editor/GFX Artist – JWT

  • Modernization of Russia Videos

The Aspen Institute                

Editor/ GFX Artist

  • John McNulty Prize 07' 08'

Our Changing World      

Editor/ GFX Artist - LifeBulb

Walmart Video           

Editor/ GFX Artist

Allergen Industrial      

Editor - Prime Films

2nd Ave                  

Special Effects Artist - Ramzi

Yellow Bells                  

Editor/GFX Artist - Pounce


The Motion Picture Editor's Guild - frequently gives seminars on various post-production topics at the Editor's Guild as well as at Kingsborough College and CUNY
Adobe (CS2/CS3 product launches) - gave presentations (After Effects, Photoshop) with Adobe for the new product launches
Florentine Films (The War, dir. Ken Burns) - animation consultant (2007-2009)

Motion Picture Editor Guild (local 700)

Columbia University, NYC
MFA in Film:  Concentration in Directing/Cinematography    
Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
BA in English, Music

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